This is Initiative Y. Any Q’s?

Finally, a currency that gives you what you want.
And we’re giving it away.

Read to the end to see what you can do to claim your cash.


The Future of Money. Except It’s Today.

If you thought you knew what money was, you were wrong. There is more to money than you know. Specifically, there is more money. For you. We have it. And we can give it to you - if you get in line now.

Have you ever wondered… why do so many other people have more money? Why can you never afford what you need? Why does it seem like the whole system is rigged?

Maybe you were asking the wrong why. Welcome to the new Y. We will provide you with the money - you will provide the world with a movement.

Right now, your spot in line is worth:


Jeez, that’s a lot! But it will be less really soon - hurry!

Y Is This the Future?

Because we don’t have any other choice.

The Y is always simple.

  1. Today’s money is broken. How do we know? You don’t have enough of it. Other people have a lot of it. Doesn’t sound very fair, does it?

  2. We already have the technologies we need to create the future - but politicians and corporations are standing in the way. If we all start moving, we can make them move. But Y should we?

  3. Initiative Y breaks the cycle. We are using the newest kinds of technology to give you the newest kind of money - and we give it to you for free. By giving bigger rewards to the first people that believe in Initiative Y, we help the visionaries stand out from the “skeptics” who don’t understand what we’re trying to achieve.

  4. Initiative Y gives everyone a common goal and a common currency. (And if you act now, you’ll have more of that currency than other people!) By getting everyone in the world together, at the same time, believing the same things, things that we are telling you to believe, we can create true independence and freedom for everyone.

  5. Initiative Y is like a self-fulfilling prophecy. As millions join us, everything will just starts working. Watch, you’ll see! Infrastructure will rise. The institutions we need will form. But to build a movement, you need people to move. Well, you’re already here, aren’t you? Go move other people!


Y should you trust us?

We are experienced industry professionals, having worked at huge payment processors, large banks, social media companies, credit bureaus, and dozens of other reputable institutions that have definitely not screwed anything up previously.

Y do we need you?

We need you because we need everyone. If anyone sits this one out - your husband, your mother, your high school classmates, your dog, your accountant - they are going to be missing out on the future of the global economy. If you join our movement, and they don’t, you will be very lonely. Make sure they know about Y they should join you.

Y does the world need you?

This is your last chance - and ours. The seas are rising. The markets are crashing. If you’re not scared, you should be. But if you knew you could be a part of a better future - one where you had enough money, without giving anything away - well, Y wouldn’t you want that? Look, if we don’t do this now, we won’t have another chance. And every additional minute you wait, someone else acts.

Y are you still reading this?

Seriously, there isn’t a lot of time! Just fill out some of the questions we have for you and we can just give you the money already. Well, actually, we can’t give it to you yet. We will soon. First we have to see how many people sign up - and how many people you sign up. More is better. More is always better.


Y take our word for it? See what everyone else thinks. Or at least everyone who has already signed up.

Currency is based on trust. I completely trust Initiative Y. The name itself inspires so much trust.
— Jennifer Ricardo, Mother of Two
Initiative Y is one of my Favorite Things. And it should be one of yours. Use my referral code.
— Oprah Winfrey, Presidential Hopeful
Initiative Y is what Bitcoin should have been. Honestly, I feel pretty stupid now.
— Satoshi Nakamoto, Fintech Entrepreneur

Sign Up Now.

Every minute you wait is one less dollar you earn.

We’re giving you the future of currency, and we’re not even asking for money. We’re not asking for your time. We’re just asking for all your personal information, so we know that you’re a real person - and not a corporation. The future is for real people only. So prove yourself. Then, don’t forget to share what you’ve done with everyone you know so they can be a part of this too!

Once you’re done telling us everything about yourself, scroll down to see how you can claim your reward.

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Y Would You Do That?

Okay, fine. You caught us. We’re not really giving away a currency. There is no “magic money” that makes you rich for free. And we’re certainly not building a global movement based on the idea that there is - that sounds like a lot of hard work. Y would you think that we’d really do it?

But anyone who tells you they’re making you rich for free is definitely doing one thing - they are collecting your personal information. Your data is valuable - and when you give it away for free, you really are paying a huge cost.

The fact is: nothing is free. No one gives you anything without expecting something in return. And when you give away your data, you’re giving away something very precious. Nothing that demands that you hand over your personal information - not Google, or Facebook, or anything else - is really giving you something for free. Remember: if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Protecting your data is important. That’s why we do it.

Enigma is building the privacy layer for a decentralized internet - one that really can work for real people.

Learn more below about how we’re building decentralized solutions for protecting your data. We can’t give you free money - but we are trying to give you a better future. And you can join our movement.

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